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Welcome to the


 Peter Kivett

Family Association, Inc.

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An IRS-Recognized Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) Educational  Charity

EIN 46-0500366 

Specializing in Colonial Eighteenth Century Pioneer North Carolina Families with Roots in Colonial Granville, Orange, and Rowan Counties of North Carolina

Now Alamance, Chatham, Davidson, Forsyth, Guilford, Montgomery, Moore, Orange, Randolph, Rockingham, Rowan, and Stokes Counties


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What's With the "PKFA Chicken"?

The graphic symbols were chosen as the PKFA corporate icon to help illustrate its goals.  The bird and signature are shown as examples of a possible connection of a Colonial-Era ancestor to his native country.  Although not absolutely proved, It has long been believed that Peter Kivett, for whom the PKFA is named, had his origins in what is now Holland.  Here is a reproduction of the actual signature from the surviving 1794 will of this Peter Kivett.  In the Netherlands the pictured plover-like Killdeer bird is known as the “Kevit”.  Families with this name in Holland pronounce it as we think Peter did, and proudly relate that they are named for this bird which is known for it’s skill of detracting predators from its nest by feigning injury.  These possible Dutch cousins of Peter Kivett refer to themselves as being “Clever like a Kevit”.  Uncovering such possible heritages, documenting evidence where available, and responsibly sharing such stories are central missions of the PKFA.  It's a Kevit - not a chicken!


But, Why Not a Kivett Family Coat of Arms?



Why So Much Here About the Kivett Family?

As stated throughout this site the PKFA, as an IRS Approved  501(c)(3) Educational Charity, is open to membership for all - not just those with the Kivett surname or some direct genealogical connection to a Kivett family member.  Mainly because the Immigrant Peter Kivett (or however he spelled his name) is the namesake individual for this Peter Kivett Family Association, one finds a lot of material and references here about the Kivett Family.  With no apologies, these are proudly offered as examples of what anyone can learn to discover, document, and responsibly share about their own families - no matter what their surname or family connections.  So, whether a Kivett or not - browse around here. Maybe you will find something of interest - perhaps of such that you would like to become more active in the PKFA mission by becoming a member.


"Personal Connections" - from p.3 of June, 2007, Publication









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